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ANZRS 2019 Conference

ANZRS 2019 Conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 4-6 October 2019.

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ANZRS 2019 Conference

ANZRS 2019 Conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 4-6 October 2019.

RENEW Membership

The Australia and New Zealand Rhinologic Society (ANZRS) was formerly known as the Australasian Rhinologic Society and was formed to promote aspects of Rhinology for Otolaryngologists in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to holding meetings at which those interested in Rhinology can discuss clinical practice and present research papers, the Society is also committed to producing policy and guidance documents to allow ENT specialists, other medical practitioners and patients to be informed as to current best practice within the sub-speciality of rhinology.

An overall interest is taken in the development of the speciality in Australia and New Zealand, with special reference to the needs of registrars in training. The ARS provides a liaison with similar organisations internationally, especially thoroughout Asia and the pacific region.

The Australasian Rhinologic Society was founded in 2003 with the aim of promoting excellence in Clinical Rhinology in Australia and New Zealand. In 2005, the Society hosted the International Rhinology Society meeting in Sydney and has now also hosted 6 domestic meetings in the Hunter Valley (2003), Mornington Peninsula (2004), the Barossa Valley (2006), Auckland (2008), Sydney (2010) and Coolum (2012). The Society also co-hosted the South Pacific ENT Forum in Fiji (2009) and in Hawaii (2013).

The inaugural President of the Society, who was instrumental in designing its constitution, was Dr Kevin Kane. Subsequent presidents have been Prof PJ Wormald (2006-10), Associate Professor Raymond Sacks (2010-13) and Professor A.Simon Carney (2013- present).

The Society is committed to building relationships with Allergists, Immunologists, Paediatricians and Scientists with an interest in the field.


  • To promote all aspects of medical and surgical Rhinology.
  • To hold meetings at which those interested in Rhinology can meet, discuss clinical practice and present research papers.
  • To take an overall interest in the development of Rhinology in Australia and New Zealand with special reference to research and the needs of those in training.
  • To liaise with other national and international Rhinologic (al) Societies, and other medical organisations relevant to the practice of rhinology, especially throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific region.


  • Full Membership includes an e-subscription to Rhinology. At the time of publication of each edition a table of contents will be sent to members with links to the individual papers. Having access to this journal makes the ANZRS subscription very good value.
  • As a member you are also entitled to the member's discount rate for the ANZRS conference registration.
  • Full Membership is open to recognised medical specialists who are Members and/or Fellows of an Australian, New Zealand or Australasian Medical College.
  • Associate Membership is open to all health-care professionals in Australia and New Zealand with non-medical or non-specialist medical qualifications.
  • Overseas Membership is open to specialists, medical trainees and other health-care professionals who reside abroad. Overseas Members must have, or have had, some connection with Rhinology in Australia / New Zealand and Membership is strictly by approval from the Society Executive.
  • Application for membership and payment of the annual fee is available online at the web site. No sponsorship is required but membership is subject to approval by the Executive and ratification by an AGM or EGM.
  • Subscription fees for Full, Associate and Overseas Membership will be decided at the AGM. The subscription will be payable by 30th June of each year. Members who are more than 3 months late with their payment will have their membership terminated.

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